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 Spiritual, Holistic & Psychic Services

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Are you looking for a connection with your loved ones on the other side? 

we offer  One 2 One Messages from Spirit sessions !

Check out more here-

Are you in the need of Spiritual Healing?

we offer Remote live sessions for an individual or find our couples Healing packages! 

Check out more here-

Feeling bogged down by Bad luck?, feeling blocked in many areas of life?  Feeling like you are cursed?

Find our Energy clearing packages that will assist you back on a better path! cutting unnecessary cords and  more...

Check out more here-

Have you tried Healing through Galactic Light language?

Sessions are available with Deborah, our Galactic channeler Check out more here-

Psychic readings are available at by email or by a private live cloud, web-cam meeting. your psychic will tap into your energy to read your life map, bringing you visions, and guidance.

Check out more here-

Oracle card readings are a great way to know more about your future! including the blocks and blessings that lie ahead, 

 Ask the oracle for guidance, on life path, love, career and much more...!

amazingly accurate, visions will be given and any extra sensory perceptions will be described to you, Check out more here-

Psychic Services . Oracle Cards . Spirit Messages . Spiritual Healing packages . Couple's Healing packages . Cord Cutting . Negative Energy Removal . Galactic light language channeling. Mentoring sessions . Meditation Classes Online .School of Ascension . Online courses .  
Shop - Crystals, smudge sticks, New age jewelry in our online store coming soon!......

Perhaps you are looking to Ascend yourself on a spiritual path... Check out the School of Ascension... new courses. classes, webinars, one to one sessions will become available throughout 2020! check out more here-

Our Goals...
As grows

Our Aim is  to provide a range of Spiritual Services, by a range of Professionals, or Masters in their field.

With something to suit everyones Spiritual & Holistic needs can assist you!




Meet The Team

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Corina Collis


Deborah J Williams

Screenshot_20211103-111050_Facebook (1).jpg

Shante Simon


"Had a reading with Corina, she gave good advice,preparation for the future, & without even knowing it she told me about a life change that has been foretold to me on 3 previous occasions, by 3 VERY GOOD mediums. Enjoy your moment with Corina because i did"

"Corina gave me a face to face reading in person, and was spot on about lots of things, she also gave me a lot of guidance from my spirit guides,  its nice to know i am on the right path in my life, she gave me a little glass bottle of stones for my son, (worry stones) which was a nice touch,  i would highly recommend, THANK YOU CORINA XXXX "

~Adam Stevens~

~Cheryse Wall~

"I had an amazing session with Corina!  She was insightful and totally tapped into source & my guides, She knew exactly what was going on without me even giving her any details, also she did a meditation with me,  to clear my Chakras , it was the best meditation I've ever had, i use it weekly now & it helps me so much,  If you need guidance , i highly recommend Corina she is the real deal"

 ~ Holly Childs ~


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Our YouTube channel - collective Intuitive oracle card readings comming soon!

Learn more about us- gain clarity and insight for your life ,

 Pick a crystal, pick a pile/deck options & more...

We will also advertise our new products and services here when they become available! 








Online Store

Coming soon...

Our online store will be available soon, we hope you will enjoy the wonderful array of crystals for ornamental purposes & for your spiritual uses.


Bring to you some Beautiful ornamental pieces of crystal from all over the world.

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Business location Is Based in the United Kingdom,  Trading Through Web Communications, Services supported with Live Web links

Contact Us

You can contact us at the top of the website in the ''More'' section of the main menu.

Alternatively you can contact the CEO of with any questions by email to

Online Appintments

At we do all our spiritual services online via

Live video appointments, Remote recordings,

& Email readings

Personal links are sent directly to you when booking is received and payment has been verified.

Designed by  Corina Collis
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