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  • What is Mediumship?
    "Mediumship" is the practace of mediating, "communicating", between the "physical living world" and the afterlife "spirits of the dead".
  • What is a Medium?
    A "Medium" or "Spirit Medium" is a person with mediumiship abilities, they are able to use there gifts of "seeing' "sencing" "hearing" to interpret and deliver you the message,guidance, and evidence of life after death.
  • What is a psychic?
    A Psychic is a person who can use there extrsensory perseption (ESP) to identify informationhidden from the normal sences, particularly, involving telepathy or claircoyance,
  • What is a psychic reading?
    A psychic reading is the attempt to read a persons mental and physical energy, through the psychics extra sensory perception, the use of divination tools can be used, popularly used in psychic readings are tarot, and oracle cards,
  • What is Angelic healing?
    Angelic healing is , recieving the angelic frequency of healing energy, which pours through your healing angel to you. your Angelic healing practitioner assists the healing angels with the sesson where
  • Can i reschedule my appointment? has a 24hr cancellation and reschedule policy, to prevent loss of time and expenses to your sevice provider. you may contact us no later then 24 hrs before your appointment time , we will be more then happy to reschedule for your convenience. please see cancellation policy and tick agree before compleeting your purchase.
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