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Spiritual, Holistic & Psychic Services 

Deborah J Williams

Galactic Light Language Channeler - Angel Channeler
Intuitive Oracle Reader
Spiritual Poet - Starseed Mentor


Hi I'm Deborah, I am based in England UK 

(Working within this time zone) GWT 

My services are available to you wherever you are in the world, 

I am a Galactic light language channeler,

A Graduate Of the Angel Alchemy Academy And a qualified Angel communicator, i am an intuitive Oracle card reader, keeper of sacred codes & Healer, helping the many that cross my path with Healing, Releasing, and Attuning to there own divine path.

I am a channel for my Guides & Masters from Galactic races who form part of our wider family.

 Providing communication from star Nations, Galactic federations, and other light beings  


Ascended Masters & Galactic beings Angels All work through me for the highest good of all & only the vibration of the highest light to support and uplift each person within my sessions!  

These beings bring in frequency codes, in the form of vibration, sound & images.

Through words -language, as we humans know it, Each note will have a sound or tone, which has a vibrational resonance, recognised by the soul.


This can be different for each individual,

when listening to a recording, as your soul will react as it hears and senses the message being delivered.. 

Your I AM presence within your soul will translate what is needed for your greatest good, at the time of    hearing it.

Prompting the healing needed within your sacred coding.

putting you on the right path in line with your life's blueprint.

Within the vibrations there is soul guidance, healing & activation's will be given!

I look forward to working with you all, and delivering your messages from the heavens. 

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To find out more about my services  at 

click the button below-

I run a number of social media platforms, with so much to offer humanity as a collective .

I sure do hope many people will personally gain the wisdom, knowledge, guidance & direction they seek through my connections, 

I would love to see you in the groups, on the pages and channels i work from, you can find these below


Find me on Facebook -

 Beautiful dimensions (group) - I have created this page to share intuitive writings and channeled messages of light language for all who are on a Special & beautiful journey .

Cosmic light conversations 888 (group) - I have created this group for all whom seek divine guidance,

free one card readings, pick a pile card readings for the collective. and more...


Go to - Beautiful dimensions (group)=  


Go to - Cosmic light conversations 888 Group=

Deborah J Williams

You can book personal session's with me online , Just click the link below - to find out more about my services 

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Light language with Deborah Williams  ...  picture below created by Deborah, 2019- has been infused with an energy vibration that will resonate with each individual who visualy meditates upon it... Focus upon & Enjoy the uplifting energy enveloping and vibrating through your spiritual body....


Spiritual, Holistic &  Psychic Services 

To find out more about our services at Divine 

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