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Spiritual, Holistic & Psychic Services 

Psychic Mediumship Readings
- Spirit messages -

Connecting  with spirit through the light - 

Messages from your loved ones

Appointments Online Via- Live Zoom

 During a Mediumship link, Your loved ones on the other-side, Family, Friends, Acquaintances,

even pets come through,  bringing through evidence of their existence beyond the physical world! 

 Sharing with you memories of past & present events in your life, even bringing forward guidance for your life ~ your future with their love! 

Corina has been an evidential medium since 2003 she has Clairvoyance, Clair sentience, Clair audience, Clair cognizance, abilities and much more..., through her ESP (extra sensory perceptions) she will describe her visions, feelings and more to you as she interprets and deciphers the language of spirit into words.

bringing a sense of oneness, healing and release for many.


 Corina has delivered so many massages from the heavens to those still here on the earth plane,   bringing through evidence of life after death, by delivering details, so apparent...

The non believer can walk away a believer! 

Check out ''our services'' find more details of the sessions we we offer in the individual descriptions , have Other Spiritual service Providers offering mediumship sessions, Each working there own unique way with there spirit teams, to deliver your messages from the Heavens,

you might like to  Check out there services

If you have any questions regarding these sessions please contact us in the contact section in the main menu


''In a Divine Connection i channel through the light Bringing evidence of life beyond the physical world ...''

Corina Collis

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Meet The Team


J Williams

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Corina Collis

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Shante Simon

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