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Terms of use:


1. You must be aged 18 years or over to receive a spiritual service at

2. promotes health healing benefits from spiritual healing energy, we are a spiritual and holistic practice, that said- we are NOT medical professionals and always recommend that all health complaints be reported to your GP or healthcare practitioner.

3. It is the clients full responsibility to have Zoom cloud conferencing on there chosen device before the appointment time.


4. It is the clients responsibility to have their internet connection available for the appointment. failure to do so may result in clients loosing Minuit's or the whole appointment. 


5. hold no responsibility for missed appointments lost due to a clients poor internet connection . or failure to have Zoom cloud meetings installed on their chosen device.


6. reserve the right to cancel an appointment Immediately without notice where foul language or threatening behavior is being used or directed towards the service provider. 

7. This web site & design are subject to copy rite, you must not copy, change or reuse  information's or designs at without written consent, you may contact with your queries.

Cancellation policy:


1. At we have a 24 hr cancellation period policy, 
If for any reason you change your mind and wish to cancel your appointment, We can offer to reschedule or refund you. 
2. All responsibility is with the client to contact us, no later then 24 hrs prior to there booked appointment time for a reschedule or refund. 


3. Clients can contact us via email. found in the contact section -in the menu- at the top of the web page to 

reschedule, no later then 24 hours prior to the booked appointment time because This gives  opportunity to re-open the booking slot to someone else, 

4. Failure to cancel and reschedule your appointment before the 24 hour period can result a non-refund and refusal of a reschedule, due to the loss of time  and expenses occurred to your spiritual service provider.

5. All requested refunds and rescheduled appointments after the 24 hour cancellation period can and maybe refused, reserve all rights to refuse a refund or reschedule to the client after the 24 hr cancellation period.


6. Bookings made within 24 hrs of a time slot cannot be changed, 

please make sure when booking your time slot within 24 hours of your chosen appointment that you can and will be available for your appointment to prevent disappointment.



                                                                                                                                                                                    Policies of 2022

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