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Spiritual, Psychic & Holistic services 

Corina Collis

Psychic Intuitive - Medium - Angel Channeler
Healer - Mentor

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 -CEO - Director - Service provider -

I have been a Medium between the Physical world and the Afterlife,

a Psychic & a Healer since 2003!

Helping many to receive evidence of life after death.


 Bringing  forward messages from the Heavens.


Working with Angels.


Bringing in Healing energy for those that need it & to

mother nature ~ mother earth.


 I use my psychic abilities (ESP)  extra sensory perceptions to assist many on there life's path.


Mentoring  beginners & those already on a spiritual path.


I have demonstrated my Mediumship at Spirit Churches &  Spiritual Centre's. 

Assisted many in face to face settings, Online and via- telephone.






I have now been called upon by the Angels , to make my spiritual services available and much, MUCH more to the world wide web! 


I mean, Heaven has not stopped giving me visions, miraculous solutions, and blessings that have helped make this all possible!

Whether you are looking to connect with your loved-ones with a Messages from spirit session,

Seeking Guidance from the oracle cards,

Spiritual  Healing,

Or to ascend yourself on a spiritual path,

I hope to provide you with the Love, Guidance, Direction & support you need from the heavens through my connections.



You can book personal session's with me online , to find out
more about my services or to book
click the link below 
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