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Psychic Oracle readings on your finances

A Oracle - Tarot card Reading Looking at the energy Of money/Finances

  • 30 min
  • 48 British pounds
  • Email Reading

Service Description

In this Psychic card reading, We focus on your money situation, when you will see a change in your finances, your Psychic will pull you 9 cards. interpreting each one, with regards to the energies of your past, present and future! Together we look at : . The energies of past . Your protective barriers & any blocks you may have. . Your current situation. . The blessings in your life & what's coming up for you in the area of your money . Your possible outcomes. Corina is a UK Psychic & Medium working with oracle cards and her (ESP) extra sensory perceptions to bring forward Guidance ,Healing and direction for those whom seek through the Oracle you may be described visions and more as she translates your cards for your inspiration & interpretation! Shante Hood Is a USA Psychic Intuitive Reader, Using Oracle & Tarot and her (ESP) Extra sensory perceptions to bring forward Guidance Healing and direction, The time slot you choose in the booking diary will be used by your reader to connect with your energy, Your cards will be shuffled, Dealt, Interpreted for you at your request. All readings are for your entertainment, for your inspiration and discernment, By booking your appointment you agree to the policies of you may read our cancellation policy at checkout. If you have any questions regarding this session or any of the other services at please contact us using the contact button in the main menu Your payment includes VAT

Contact Details

Cosham, Portsmouth, UK

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